Creating a News-Intro Part 2

Tutorial Overview:

Creating a News-Intro Part 2 - The Wipe

Step 1

Start Sony Vegas and create a new project (PROJECT -> NEW). In the "Video"-field choose "match media settings" and select the created background loop from Part 1 of our tutorial. Sony Vegas will create a project with NTSC-widescreen settings (864x486 / 29,97 fps).

Step 2

Import that animation into your project (PROJECT -> IMPORT) and drag it from the project window (1) to the timeline on the video track (2). Now grab the right end of the loop and drag it back to timecode position 00:00:01,00. So this animation is shortened to one second (30 frames).


Step 3

Select from the transitions tab "venetian blinds" (1) and drag the "one vertical blind" preset (2) to the left side of the background animation (3):


Step 4

In the event-window, select a value of 10 for "number of blinds" (1):


Step 5

The next step is a little bit tricky: Move the cursor to the right edge of the "venetian blinds" bar inside the loop (1). Now drag the right end of the bar to timecode position 00:00:00,15:


Step 6

Choose the "one vertical blind" preset again (1) and drag it to the right corner of the background loop (2). The length of the loop will be adjusted automaticly. (Select a value of 10 for "number of blinds" to match the first transition.):


Step 7

Right click the empty space in video track 1 (1) and select "insert text media" (2) to create a "coming up" text line:


Step 8

Enter the values for the text-media as shown in the following image. Please activate the animation-clock-icon for scaling (1) to change the size of the text during the wipe-transition:


Step 9

Now select "scale" in the timeline on the bottom of the text media window and move the slider to the right (00:00:01,00) (1). Click on the tiny plus-icon (2) to create a keyframe at this position. Change the scale-value to 0,200 (3):


Step 10

Drag the upper-left corner (1) of the text media to the right for about 10 frames (2) to create a smooth fade-in animation for the text:


Step 11

Repeat Step 10 with the right side of the text-clip and your final wipe-transition project should look like this:


Step 12

Select "PROJECT -> RENDER AS" to create a Quicktime file. Select a folder and a name in the output-settings. Click on Quicktime and select the "Movietools - Quicktime Alpha" template (1). If you don't created the Movietools Render-Templates for Sony Vegas before, please read here (link). Click on "Render" to create the movie.


Step 13

To use your created wipe animation, simply import the rendered quicktime file to your project. Place it on top of a cut between two video clips in your timeline:


Step 14

Remember to activate the alpha channel of the wipe-animation: Right-click the wipe-animation, select "properties", choose the "media"-tab and set the alpha-channel option to "premultiplied". Thats all :)

Here is a short video-sample, how the wipe should look like:

Next time we'll create a customized overlay animation for our news intro.

Thanks for reading :)


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  • khsunny786


    03 March 2012 at 16:45 |
    Great tuts! When will the next part be out? :D


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